Abasi Rosborough

Abdul Abasi and Greg Rosborough graduated from the menswear course at Fashion Institute Of Technology in New York, in 2008. They started the label after three years of prototyping new ways of constructing men’s blazers and shirts. Construction and tailoring play a key role in defining what Abasi Rosborough do. They describe their label as a contemplation on the future of menswear.


February 29th 2016

Abasi Rosborough Editorial: HORUS

Abasi Rosborough have unveiled their most recent editorial campaign: HORUS which features items from the MONOLITH Spring Summer 2016 collection. Abasi Rosborough is exclusive to 4. Shop the collection here.

November 9th 2015

Four Names Of A Man by Abasi Rosborough

New York based menswear label Abasi Rosborough has released Four Names Of  A Man – an editorial exploration into the idea of identity throughout our lives. Shot at Gentry in Brooklyn and featuring an unnamed native New Yorker, the editorial highlights Abasi Rosborough’s Autumn Winter 2015 Orison Collection. Abasi Rosborough is exclusive to 4. Shop the collection here.

April 22nd 2015

Abasi Rosborough Editorial: Diaspora

Abasi Rosborough present Diaspora, the 16th edition of their editorial series and featuring their Spring Summer 2015 collection. The designers draw inspiration from their own military and athletic backgrounds, and propose progressive menswear for the 21st century through the lens of versatility, function, and ergonomic innovation. The distinctive silhouettes are fabricated using only natural textiles…

March 19th 2015

Q&A With Abdul Abasi and Greg Rosborough of Abasi Rosborough

Abdul Abasi and Greg Rosborough created their Abasi Rosborough label as a response to what they perceived as a staid conservatism in the menswear market. Now in its fifth season, Abasi Rosborough applies architectural precision to familiar aesthetic touchstones and global traditions. In this Q&A the designers speak about conservative menswear, design fundamentals, the importance of…