Fornasetti Profumi

From the iconic design brand comes a branch of scent focused products that combine their instantly recognizable aesthetic with aromatic and indulgent products, from incense boxes to scented candles, all decorated in their signature designs.


August 15th 2016

Fornasetti Introduces New Looks And Scents To Candle Collections

Five fresh new façades and one new fragrance are lighting up Fornasetti Profumi’s scented candle collection this September; the enigmatic face of Italian-born opera singer Lina Cavalieri taking on three new guises – each more mysterious and beguiling than the last – a new architectural set and a rather novel addition to the ‘Pennini Nero’…

April 13th 2016

Fornasetti publishes first 'Tema e Variazioni' In Handcrafted Book

For Piero Fornasetti, a single idea was inspiration enough to spawn endless variations of an image and in 1952 he began work on what would become his most iconic series: Tema e Variazion (theme and variations) – a portrait of Lina Cavalieri — an opera singer who lived between the 19th and 20th centuries, considered to be ‘the most…

January 18th 2016

Inside The World Of Fornasetti's Milan Home With Director Virgilio Villoresi

Barnaba Fornasetti has opened the doors of his home to the Italian director Virgilio Villoresi, who tells its story through a whimsical stop-motion video. The video features music composed by Cesare Picco and celebrates all aspects of the Fornasetti world. Fornasett is exclusive to 4. Shop the collection here. Read the full post on Design Boom.

August 11th 2014

Inside The Home of Barnaba Fornasetti

From butterflies to Jules the cat, the Italian’s four-storey house in Milan is alive with creatures. Suns, moons, insects and enigmatic faces peer from mirrors, furniture and walls throughout the labyrinthine network of rooms in Barnaba Fornasetti’s Milan townhouse. This theatrical setting serves as a home, workshop, archive and museum for the Italian designer, who…

January 16th 2014

100 years of Piero Fornasetti's 'Practical Madness' in Milan, Italy

Dai Confini del Solito from Fornasetti on Vimeo. Last week, 4 paid a visit to the Piero Fornasetti Exhibition at Milan’s La Triennale di Milano Gallery. Starting his career as a painter, Fornasetti’s fantasy-driven flair for drawing, painting and sketching was central to his development as a designer and later as a pioneer of ornamentation.…

November 6th 2013

The Sweet Scents Of Summer by Fornasetti

The Fornasetti Atelier in Milan produces furniture and home accessories based on the original designs by the Milanese painter and interior designer Piero Fornasetti. Quirky and whimsical, the house is mostly recognised for its distinctive design variations of opera singer, Lina Cavalieri’s face. The new Autumn collection introduces the Sole di Capri fragrance, which is…