Julian Mayor

British furniture designer, Julian Mayor, says he likes to create question marks rather than full stops with his work. Playing with the idea of perception, his designs are fed into a computer. The image created is then transformed into a 3D object. This method creates the most intriguing shapes and is an interesting take on how we perceive the world around us. Mayor’s ‘General Dynamic’ chair – exclusive to 4 in Kuwait and a limited edition of 50 – is actually a model of a wave, broken down into facetted forms.


November 17th 2010

'Angle' Chair By Julian Mayor

See below images of the latest work ‘The Angle Chair’ from London based artist/designer Julian Mayor The chair, which is made entirely out of recycled honeycomb board, was created from the map of a person’s seat that has been sectioned on a computer, creating a graphic model to emulate into a 3D form. Each piece…