ROMBAUT is an all-natural avant-garde men’s footwear concept from the Paris-based Belgian designer Mats Rombaut, launched in Autumn Winter 2013-14. Artisanally crafted in Italy, ROMBAUT shoes represent a unique crossover between high fashion and ecological awareness.


June 9th 2015

Mats Rombaut’s Natural Approach

Coconut, fig, potato starch, pineapple. These are a few of the natural fibres that Mats Rombaut has used to manufacture his vegan shoes. Rombaut hails from a long line of shoemakers. Both his father and grandfather made clogs in his native Belgium. In 2008, Rombaut joined the men’s accessories department at Lanvin, before moving to Damir Doma, where he worked on product…

November 19th 2014

Belgian Designer Mats Rombaut Is Making Sustainable Luxury Footwear

Mats Rombaut creates minimalistic footwear with a pure focus on quality, originality and sustainability. After completing a degree in economics, Rombaut switched career paths with an internship at Lanvin’s men’s accessory department which later led to working as accessory designer for Damir Doma. He has the know-how of design, production and management derived directly from…