Christian Richter’s Images Of Abandoned Architecture

Photographer Christian Richter grew up in an area that used to belong to East Germany, and was 14 years old when the Berlin wall came down. ‘Many places began to fall into disrepair. that’s when I started visiting old buildings, sometimes with friends, sometimes on my own’, Richter recalls. This early investigation of abandoned architecture soon developed into a fascination and fondness for forgotten factories, chapels, homes and theaters.


Earlier this year, during Miami Art Week, Richter presented a solo show of his abandoned architectural photography, exploring the test of time and its impact on its surroundings. Over the past seven or eight years, Richter approximates visiting nearly 1,000 buildings across europe, traveling through France, Belgium, Italy, Poland and beyond.


‘there’s a feeling that it is the end of time, and you don’t find that kind of atmosphere anywhere else,’ Richter says. ‘The way they deteriorate, when nature starts to take over, reminds me that everything is transient. nature always has – and will have – the upper hand in those interplays.’


See more of Richter’s work on instagram here.

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