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Menswear designer and London College of Fashion graduate, Mohsin Ali, has developed and designed product for a number of global brands. Emphasising a critical attitude towards design, Mohsin is a label living by three rules: Form, Fabric and Function.

Fuelled by a love for both traditional and technical fabrics, Mohsin’s collections are dedicated to silhouettes, cutting and the manipulation of fabric.

We caught up with Mohsin recently to find out what makes the designer tick:

Do you have a clear idea of who the Mohsin man is what he stands for when designing?

I don’t believe there is a MOHSIN man, I believe in beauty of cloth, shape, finish and design. I design what I love, the things I would want to wear or have worn in the past. I always think back in my own past about things I’ve seen, garments, club nights etc or what I would really want to wear for the season I’m designing for. Who is the MOHSIN man? someone with a pure taste, someone not dictated to by trend, celebrity endorsement or hype. Someone who is confident enough just to love a product for what it is.


Mohsin Studio, Huddersfield [2017]

How has your approach to design and menswear developed over time?

I think age has helped me develop, as I’ve got older I’ve experienced a lot and have  been very fortunate to work around the world with amazing brands and amazing factories. I am now in my forties and still learning all the time, every time I see something new I become obsessed by figuring out how it became so big or how it was cut or manufactured. I love constantly learning and then maybe take elements which I could work with.

You moved back to Yorkshire from London quite recently, how has this move affected your work? 

You can really design from anywhere as long as you have your space surronded by the things that inspire you. I have moved by studio back to the town I grew up in which is Huddersfield, a large town which was and still is known for its textile mills. But as far as inspiration it’s not the greatest, saying that it does make me smile that the Boys and Men are driven by hype walking round in there Supreme tee shirts and Giuseppe Zanotti high tops. I’ts quite nice to see that people have there own sense of fashion.


Mohsin Spring Summer 2017 Lookbook

We hear you’ve got fans in the Kuwaiti National Football team.

I would say a fan, Aziz Maashan has become a friend and we met for coffee a few months ago in London and it was nice to actually talk and hang out instead of a virtual friendship through our social media channels. Aziz, like most people from overseas, began to follow me on Instagram and the rest came quite naturally, we spoke and realised we had a few things in common, football and fashion being two of them and the rest is history. An amzing guy and a great footballer, I hope I can come out and visit him aswell as you guys at 4.


Pattern Cutting In The Mohsin Studio, Huddersfield [2017]

Do you listen to music whilst designing? if so what have you bee playing recently? 

We always have music on in the background and it varies from day to day. A lot of the music I listen to has a connection of somekind to my past so its always nice when your iTunes is on shuffle. Recently we have been playing a Soundtrack from a very old Indian movie called Mother India, the music and words are both beautiful and sad at the same time. It took a while for my assistant to get her head round it but she does listen to a lot of Grime on a daily basis.


Mohsin Spring Summer 2017 Lookbook

What Four things would you take to a desert island?

Flares, Long range Walkie Talkie, Dingy and an endless supply of Hello Pandas (Japanese biscuits shaped like panda heads and full of chocolate) Anyone that knows me knows my attention span is zero! After running round they island a few times I’d be bored start to figit and figure out a way to get of it! hence my chioce of products.


Mohsin Spring Summer 2017 Lookbook

Pick one man, alive or dead, to be the face of Mohsin?

If my dad was 6 stone lighter it would definitly be him in the lookbooks!


Mohsin is exclusive to 4.

Visit the store to shop the Spring Summer 2017 Collection. To order online, contact us here.


Mohsin Studio, Huddersfield [2017]

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