Madero by Taller KEN

Rising to a total height of 15 meters, the ‘Madero Café’ appears as a monolithic red object next to one of the most heavily trafficked highways in Guatemala city. However, it’s inside the eatery where the project comes to life.



Conceived by Taller KEN, the project’s vibrant interior is layered with textures and colours, forming an oasis-like escape from the outside world. ‘This project mines local patterns, materials and textures and collects them to make a fresh tropical atmosphere,’ explains the design team.


The central space is illuminated by skylights, while rainwater from the roof is collected in blue tanks and is used to maintain the tropical planting. Meanwhile, a custom-made concrete tile has been used for the flooring with a seemingly random pattern that serves as a wayfinding guide — allowing people to circulate around the service core of kitchen and bathrooms, and explore the café’s various quirks.


The tropical vegetation, that even drapes the lighting fixtures, highlights the pastiche of colours and the blending of a natural and constructed environment, as the latter finds its expression in the automobile.

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