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The creative directors of Private Policy, Haoran Li and Siying Qu, graduated from Parsons in 2015, launching the Private Policy Label the same year. Through the use of deconstructed silhouettes and an underlying current of youth culture – the brand addresses issues such as globalization. In this extracted interview, the pair discussed their blossoming introduction to the design world and their shared vision for the future.

What inspires you?
People inspires us. From interesting cool kids in Downtown New York, to brave social activists. We design mostly on the streets of NYC. We love observing the people scenes in East Village, Chinatown, Tribeca, Soho, Williamsburg… Also, we share our new reads about news around the world, which is mainly about people as well. That is how we decide on the inspiration, new silhouette, color palette, and fabrication for each season.

You said “We are not trying to make fancy shit for people, we rather make cool stuff for the young kids today” can you please explain it better?
The name PRIVATE POLICY means “make your own rules”. When we design, we don’t think about making the most beautiful garments; we think about what people want; and not just what clothes they want, but also what ideas, moods, feelings they want. Without the spirit as the core, the “fancy” fabrics, shapes, embellishments would mean nothing at all.

Your clothes seems “unisex”: does gender influence your work?
Our brand being genderless is not a marketing strategy or intentional propaganda. It is simply because our style is youthful and casual, and we don’t see the need to divide menswear and womenswear with labels. If a boy loves our clothes, then wear. If a girl looks good in our clothes, then wear! And that is the view point of most young people today, we don’t let boundaries limit us.

How did you create your retail structure?
The SS17 collection pieces are now carried by H Lorenzo in L.A and 4 in Kuwait. We created the brand to be international, which is recognized by buyers and customers where ever we present the collections. We will soon have our own online shop as well.

Read the full interview on Vogue Italia here.

Clothing below from Private Policy’s SS17 collection available to buy now at 4.

SS17 campaign 3
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