032c Interviews Rick Owens

Among other topics, writer and curator of 032c magazine, Carson Chan talks to Rick Owens about his intersecting interests in fashion and design, and how his creative process cuts across both disciplines.

Just two days after the presentation of his fall 2010 collection in Paris this March, Chan met with designer for a conversation that started in his studio and ended the next day in his gym.

Owens acknowledges the seemingly cliché trajectory of his life; a Catholic-school boy raised by conservative parents, who drove 150 miles south to L.A. right after graduating high school to live a reckless and hazy decade of booze and drugs, only to sober up enough by the mid-1990s to unleash a talent for designing affecting and decadent clothes-clothes that would be picked up by Barney’s in New York five years later in 1999 and clothes that would command the runways in Paris, his home since 2003.

Find the whole interview here in 032c and below furniture designed by Owens.

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