4TUNE #03 – Henrik Vibskov

The third edition of 4TUNE welcomes the multi-talented Henrik Vibskov who has produced over 20 mens (and later also womens) collections since graduating from the London institution, Central St. Martins in 2001. Vibskov is also active as an accessories and interior designer and artist as well as an independent musician and drummer for the band Trentemøller.

Henrik’s selections have a distinctly cinematic feel with the dreamy melancholy of Angelo Badalamenti combining with the percussive electronica of Thom Yorke, as he explains:

Bernard Herrmann – “The Bedroom” from Fahrenheit 451

Respect to the American film composer who lived from 1911-1975 for this music to Fahrenheit 451 by Francois Truffaut – especially the track ‘The Bedroom’. The song evokes fear in a melo-romantican, nerve breaking way. I’m very inspired by cinema – everything from Hitchcock to Scorsese – from taxi driver to vertigo.

Chimes and Bells – The Mole

Chimes and Bells are a Danish lo-fi indie band. Two years ago when I was on a European tour with Trentemøller they did support. This track kept being in my head for 27 days, and they played it everyday for the sound-check but its still amazing …….the mole

Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks

Angelo Badalamenti’s work for Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro is a huge inspiration to me – music meets the filmmaker meets cartoon-maker in a film collaboration in some obscure man made spaced out world, together they made the movie The City Of The Lost Chrildren, which presents a fantastic, dark comic post-apocalyptic world. Badalamenti is also known for his work with David Lynch on Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive, amongst others.

Thom Yorke – Cymbal Rush

I’m a big fan of Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich’s many years working together as Radiohead and on Thom’s solo work – especially the rhythm/bass and chaotic, complex programing. Wow

Listen to the mix here.