A Magazine #7 Curated By Kris Van Assche


A Magazine #7 landed on our desk today…


This recent issue of A Magazine features Kris Van Assche as guest curator.


The various collaborations with photographers, authors, stylists and models in A MAGAZINE #7 are the result of Kris’ search for true human contact within the creative process.

The words ‘poetic’ and ‘romantic’ recur constantly in reviews of Van Assche’s work. In A MAGAZINE #7 Kris wanted to highlight the various facets of the poetry in his work. For the two fashion shoots in this issue, one featuring the Dior men’s collection and the other Kris Van Assche’s own women’s collection, Kris asked his friend, Mauricio Nardi, to be responsible for the styling and to portray his own interpretation of the collections, a task he has never trusted to anyone but himself until now.