‘Art From the New World’, Bristol, UK

In a well-timed moment of cross-cultural exchange, the Corey Helford Gallery partnered with the Bristol City Museum and Galleryto put on a mega American show at the latter’s space, featuring some of today’s heaviest hitting street, pop and fine artists, including several never-before-seen works. Aptly called “Art From the New World,” the exhibit includes work from Ron English, Gary Baseman, Mark Ryden and Camille Rose Garcia, among others.

“Like the Arts Decoratif of Paris in 1925 or the bright, poppy England of the 1960s, America is gushing forth a new wave of taste and style born of Pop Iconic culture, expanding American diversity, resistance to the mainstream art world and a need to communicate to an art audience looking for relevance in America’s Age of Uncertainty,” said Corey Helford’s owner and curator, Jan Corey Helford, in a statement.

The show runs through August 22.

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