Art Home on Palais de Tokyo

This amazing art installation doubles as an eatery. Set up high in the heart of Paris – it’s a visionary delight.
Not scared of heights are you?

Check out this article and feast your eyes on these high altitude pics…

Art Home on Palais de Tokyo
Marcia Argyriades for

It’s one thing to have dinner on le Tour d’Eiffel while looking down at breathtaking Paris, and another to have dinner on Art Home or as our friends the French would say “arome” and have breathtaking views of Paris and unobstructed views to the Tour Eiffel!

With architectural limitations this installation only houses a dozen of people either for lunch or for dinner. So given the few seats and the limited period of time that the installation will be there, reservations is a tough one! If you are curious to see the Art Home installation free tours are conducted daily between 3 and 5:30 p.m. (exceptMondays, when the museum, restaurant and tours are closed), with online reservation required.

Laurent Grasso creates environments that combine atavistic fears, scientific evidence and ominous contemporary mythologies. His works are in ways reminiscent of the paranoid retro-futuristic prophecies of Charles Fourier two centuries ago. Light, sound, radio and electromagnetic waves, natural, paranormal and meteorological phenomena are regularly incorporated to create new sensory experiences.

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