‘Blackwhite’ at SHOWStudio Shop, London

SHOWstudio.com ‘Shop’ is currently running “Blackwhite”, an exhibition featuring artwork by Cecil Beaton, Simon Foxton, Amanda Harlech, Michael Howells, Nick Knight, Irving Penn, and Peter Saville as well as iconic artefacts from Chanel, Maison Martin Margiela and Visionaire. 
In tandem with the physical exhibition, SHOWstudio.com will broadcast performances by Judy Blame, Edward Griffiths and 4-favourite Gareth Pugh from the LiveStudio in Bruton place. Objects made during the LiveStudio will then be displayed in the Shop.
“Blackwhite” is conceptually limitless, structured only around the most celebrated aesthetic relationship in fashion: black and white. While the stark palette will tie the pieces together, the diverse range of mediums and objects visually makes way for new associations and investigations into the aesthetics of black and white.
The exhibition runs till 19th June, 2010.

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