Chanel’s ‘coolest’ show yet…

Each season, the fashion industry awaits the Chanel show with bated breath or an arched eyebrow depending on your point of view – how can Karl Lagerfeld possibly top his previous shows? Yet each season, he pulls out all the stops to deliver a spectacular show, and this season was certainly no different.

For AW10 Lagerfelt produced a dramatic icescape, constructed to resemble a slice of the Arctic Circle in the middle of Paris. The installation was housed in a hermetically-sealed ‘glacier’ box in subzero temperatures which lifted in dramatic fashion at the start of the show, to reveal the glacial wonderland within.

35 sculptors set to work on 240 tonnes of frozen ice to create the focal iceberg, whilst the runway was painted with a trompe l’oeil effect to give the impression of deep ice under the surface. As the final touch, the runway was topped with a shallow layer of water which the models sloshed through in suitably wintry fashion.

Some may say this was a dramatic statment about global warming; we just say it was dramatic.

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