Craig Green Spring Summer 2016 LCM

Craig Green’s Spring Summer 2016 collection at LCM last Friday continued the now-familiar variations of his mutated martial arts outfits/utilitywear.

The quilting, the wrapping, and the ties that bind streaming behind were all present once more, but this season a palette of primary colors: orange, red, yellow, blue, and grass green all featured.

The show was soundtracked by Hans Zimmer’s music for Interstellar which assisted the spectacle of extreme movement and fluidity inherent in the pieces and, once again, there were huge banners and big squares of fabric with slits at eye level and holes cut at chest height. There were also a number of feminizing flourishes, layered skirts and quilted jackets tied high which were perhaps an acknowledgment of Green’s growing sizable female following.

Craig Green is exclusive to 4.

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