Damir Doma Autumn/Winter 2010/11

Damir Doma is something of an 4 obsession so when we heard that he was to release his first womenswear collection we were enthused to put it lightly.

Damir Doma quite rightly pointed out that for a designer like him, “Womenswear was always in the pipeline because elements of his menswear are easily transferable”.  However, he is quick to mention that his foray into dressing women is not meant to be received as androgynous but instead as a very specific viewpoint of femininity: “A man couldn’t wear this collection!”  he exclaims.

He presented a clean,  mature collection with a focused approach to the idea of tension in volume. Neutral tones, flowing lines and understated fabrics were at the core of the presentation, with silhouettes layered and exaggerated.

This is Doma’s “strong and modern woman”.

For the full blog post see: http://www.dazeddigital.com