Damir Doma interviewed in The New Order Magazine

4 are excited to be stocking Damir Doma next season, so we were thrilled to see that he had been interviewed by John Skelton, Creative Director of forward-thinking menswear and lifestyle website oki-ni.com to be published in  The New Order magazine.

In the interview, which is published in full in the 4th issue of The New Order, Damir Doma talks through the label’s development, his projects for the coming season and the launch of his latest collection SILENT, which is coming soon to 4…

Excerpt from the interview:

John: Do you see your upcoming women’s line for Damir Doma mainline as an extension of what you’ve already got going on?

Damir: For me it’s just one big thing, one big collection.

J: I thought so, I’m glad you see it like that.

D: There are certain products that we have for women and we don’t have for men and the other way around obviously but it’s really kind of one big thing.

J: It’s going to be amazing I’m sure.

D: I’m also going to do the buying of the materials in one go, it’s the only way that it kind of works with my process. I kind of want to control everything and to do it myself so I couldn’t split it up and do the men’s and then the women’s as a parallel, it wouldn’t work for me.


A piece from Damir Doma's new SILENT collection

Pieces from Damir Doma's new SILENT collection

Damir Doma Mens SS2010

Damir Doma Mens SS2010