Damir Doma’s Paris Store

Damir Doma’s own store in Paris is worth the hunt and is one of our favourite retail spaces in the city.

Opened in late 2008 and reminiscent of the palette of black and ash gray used by the designer, the store offers a compelling insight into the consciousness of one of fashion’s leading lights.

Behind an austere metallic door, a porthole into the designer’s sphere can be found against a jarring background of stark white, contrasted with lashings of black on the opposing wall spaces.

On a concrete-covered floor, adorned with the wispy traces of chalky grays and beige’s, the garments hang from exposed steel rods and slim frames, while shoes, luggage, and jewels are arranged on tarnished steel surfaces, along with intriguing glass antiques and a myriad of other curiosities.

Damir Doma had debuted at 4  and we are the only stockist in The Middle East region.

For the full blog post, please view: http://www.jargol.com/blog/items/damir-doma-opens-first-store-in-paris/