Delfina Delettrez Newest Collection

At only 24, jewelry designer Delfina Delettrez, who happens to be daughter of Silvia Fendi, proves with her latest and perhaps cheekiest collection that she’s blazing a trail all her own.

It was just a few years ago that the fashion crowd first became smitten with her surreal, conceptual, gothic, sometimes morbid sensibility. Find below and interview with the junior jeweler talking about stones, collaborations and phobias:

Your latest collection, Roll in Stones, seems to be built around the idea of motion. What sparked this curiosity?
I was deeply inspired by movement and would define the jewels as kinetic. I love the idea that a rigid cuff can become soft by morphing into a fringe, or that a flat and skinny bangle can open up and blossom like a flower.

This collection also seems to be a more whimsical departure from your earlier, darker work. Why the change?
This collection is going into a more conceptual direction, but my love for gothic style is always present. I like having the total freedom to change and express myself as I mature.

Having shown your pieces on conveyer belts and taxidermy animals, you seem to put a lot of thought in the way your collections are shown. What can we expect to see next?
I like to display the collection in magical and fantastical surroundings, as if the jewels were actors in a short movie. As far as what’s next, who knows!

Insects seem to figure into a lot of your work. Have you always been fascinated by insects?
I’m horrified by any insect! My phobia helps me a lot in my work and my work helps me to fight my phobia. These insects now bring me good luck.

































































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