Feathers By Kate MccGwire

Feathers stand for protection and shelter and bring to our minds our need to fly above the everyday routine and reach for the unknown.

British artist Kate MccGwire shares a fascination for feathers that begun like an accident and finally became a long term love affair. Her latest works are made entirely by feathers and, far from mere ornamentation, Kate uses them to create some really haunting pieces.

Her feathers form strange shapes that appear to be alive, they come out of unexpected surfaces, they even invade space with some very surrealistic effects.

We don’t know at which extend the artistic means condition the final result, but Kate’s work manages to transmit a certain kind of out of this world beauty, both imposing and fascinating.

Kate MccGwire’s latest work is called Corvid (2011) and forms part of the Bound exhibition (April 1st-30th, 2011) in which she participates with fellow artist Alice Anderson. Together they inaugurate All Visual Arts’ (AVA) new space at Kings Cross, London, in the best possible way.

We have seen Kate’s work in person at the recently opened Pertwee, Anderson and Gold Gallery (worth seeking out, 4 tip) in Soho, London and have fallen in love with her work.

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