Firmship 42 By Belgian Designers Studio Job

The creative’s at Studio Job of Belgium have customized the interior of Firmship 42, a private boat ‘dressed’ in shades of white and gray, teak and Corian and marine iconography.

The new Firmship 42 would best be described as a floating work of art which has created a new nautical tradition.
Firmship 42 is a classic boat with a modern touch; its modern creative design compliments its traditional form, without sacrificing any of today’s functional elements.
Firmship 42 is a boat that radiates, with its outstanding gray detailing, “from the railing and the bollards to the sundeck and even the throttle.

Despite its modern manifestation the boat has not lost the traditional craftsmanship that highlights and reinforces its everlasting design and the comfort and modernity in Firmship 42 is warm, welcoming and convivial with a touch of luxury and lavishness.

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