How Issey Miyake Stays Creative

Since handing over runway duties in 1999 to Naoki Takizawa (and now Yoshiyuki Miyamae), Japanese designer Issey Miyake  has designed everything from collapsible lamps to living room chairs.

Perhaps nothing provides more of a creative outlet than 21_21 Design Sight, a small museum in Tokyo’s Roppongi neighborhood that he opened in 2007.

21_21 Design Sight has allowed Miyake, now 76, to continue exploring the ideas that gave his work such resonance on the catwalk: the intersection of fashion, technology, and design.

The venue serves as a design-research facility, but also an exhibition space. It typically holds just two or three shows a year and includes an eclectic mix of subjects, from primitivism in design, to the art of rice.

Issey Miyake is exclusive to 4.

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