In Paris, Fusing Art and Fashion With Each X Other

Jenny Mannerheim, co-founder of the brand Each X Other  spoke with the NY Times recently about her art-fashion label. “Art can feel like a closed medium but with fashion you open the curtain and there is a public,” said Ms. Mannerheim, who also runs Galerie Nuke in the Marais district of Paris.

That interaction was the reason, at least in part, that Ms. Mannerheim and the fashion designer Ilan Delouis created their unisex Paris-based label in 2012. “The idea was to fuse fashion and art,” explained Mr. Delouis.

Each season, six or so artists are invited to collaborate with the two founders and the London-based artist Robert Montgomery to create limited-edition artworks and to design objects, books and film. While the collaborations change according to the artists’ work, a fashion collection is always included.

“It’s not just sticking a print on a T-shirt, it’s about a translation,” Mr. Delouis said. “We study their work; we show different fabrics and techniques; and we discuss silhouettes — it’s an ongoing dialogue.”

Recent collaborators have included the artist and film producer Maripol; Blair Chivers, a Canadian artist; Alec Monopoly, the alias used by a New York graffiti artist, and the New York-based artist Jeremy Kost.

Each X Other is exclusive to 4.

Shop the collection here.

Read the full post on the NY Times.

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