Interview With MoutonCollet

After graduating from Belgium’s Institute Saint Luc de Tournal, Matthieu Mouton and Nicolas Collet moved to Paris to embark on a creative journey in the name of fashion.

Working with labels like Kenzo, Hervé Léger and Maison Martin Margiela exposed the young duo to the demands and rewards of the industry, while honing their craft until they were able to branch out with their own label, MoutonCollet, in 2005.

Find out more about MoutonCollet in an interview where they speak about their experience to work for the big names in the business, their own label and how it feels like to see a MoutonCollet piece in a Lady Gaga video.

MoutonCollet will soon arrive at 4.

Head dressage featured in Lady Gaga’s Video “Alejandro”

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