Japanese Boutique Has Many Doors, Only One Works

For an interior renovation of a clothing shop called Rroomm in Osaka, Japanese architects Ninkipen needed to figure out what to do with a collection of existing doors. Rather than cover over them, the firm heard opportunity knocking and was inspired to base the entire concept of the shop on doors.

In total there are 11 doors in the space, all of them fake except for one. Guests can open only one door among eleven doors. The doors have been expressed in three ways, ‘Door’ not connected anywhere, ‘Mirror’ shows the door came off, ‘Concrete’ shows the door buried. The idea is to make imagine that the world they are in ‘exists in doors’

While the concept might seem somewhat strange at first glance, retail rarely challenges consumers to explore space. Rroomm is distinctive in that guests know where they are but the space creates mystery around where they should go.

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