Joseph Cornell and Karen Kilimnik at Spruth Magers, London

American artists Joseph Cornell (1903-1972) and Karen Kilimnik (1955- ) aren’t the most obvious of pairings, but then again Spruth Magers isn’t the sort of gallery to do things by the norm either. For the first time, a selection of Cornell’s assembled box sculptures and Kilimnik loose-brushed paintings are sharing wallspace in the gallery’s London outpost, highlighting that they are more similar than one would have thought.
The entire gallery has been transformed into an extension of the artists’ minds. Both artists were fascinated with the myths of the heavens and the cosmos, and passionately idealized 19th-century ballet. Todd Levin, the show’s New York-based curator, also borrowed artefacts, such as costume pieces, photographs and programmes from the Royal Ballet School, to give visitors a glimpse into the world that both artists idolised.

The exhibition will run to August 27th, 2010.

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