Maison Martin Margiela for Les Ateliers Ruby Helmet

You’ll be pleased to know the new arrivals from Les Ateliers Ruby helmets have recently landed at 4. The latest collaboration is with Maison Martin Margiela, and have a graffiti look about them. Exclusive to 4, we are the proud to say that we are  the only middle eastern stockist. Check them out!

“In the midst of celebrating its 20th Birthday, Maison Martin Margiela became highly enthusiastic about the project to transform the Ruby Helmet. Martin Margiela and his colleagues at 163 Rue St-Maur, took the programme literally and each one places his signature on the helmet to create a collective work. The carbon shell is varnished then covered with broad lines of paint with a “meudon white” effect, the pure but imperfect white’s that are the ‘Maison’s’ universal hallmark.

The whole team’s involvement can then be discovered with eyes closed: All the members have engraved their name or initials into the layer of white paint. Other forms of personalisation have been added: the traditional Ateliers Ruby cardinal red interior is replaced by black leather and the logo is drawn in chrome and white.”