Meredith Dittmar – Works

Artist Meredith Dittmar uses polymer clay and wire to deconstruct the human experience in colorful bas relief.

Starting with mostly historic and scientific inspirations—The Hadron Collider, Aztec architecture, pixelation and integral theory among them—the Portland, OR-based sculptor creates mounted 3-D scenes of strange animals and otherworldly landscapes. Besides a variety of clays, Dittmar works with plexiglass, spray paint and resins, using fiberglass for larger pieces.

Dittmar also makes two- to three-inch creatures called “My Guys” that she sells on her site. The Lilliputian works were even included in the book “ Dot Dot Dash.”, and her multi-pronged approach to art has also led to several film and advertorial projects. Besides her mounted Polymer pieces, Dittmar created elaborate, light-up scenes that turn the already supernatural work atmospheric.

Exhibitions of her work span the globe, including The Meta Perspective in Mexico City, The Evolution of Psychepolymereganics in Portland and Istanbul’s Grey Area.

She will have two new shows later this year. First, in August Dittmar will show at Alphonse Berber Gallery in Berkeley. In December, the SF MoMA gallery in Fort Mason will exhibit her work.

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