MiMa “Mirzam Manifesto”

Mima ” Mirzam Manifesto” A design initiative established by 2 very creative architects Mr. Jassim Al Saddah and Mr. Anas Al Omaim. With the aim of mixing interdisciplinary professions, to promote a culture of discussion and criticism through different art mediums.

One of their first exhibitions, The Rebirth of old Kuwaiti Proverbs was held at 4.

“Our exhibition is about “عتيج الصوف ولا يديد البريسم؟” rethinking the way we view our Kuwaiti culture from its proverbs to its simplest and quirkiest words illustrated through traditional calligraphy but digitally enhanced to create an art piece.” -Jassim and Anas

The exhibition was a huge success, the pictures do not do them justice. Jassim and Anas congratulations.

Images from MiMa more images here