Objets Trouves By Philipe Roucou

When Polaroid went bankrupt in 2008, announcing that it would no longer produce cameras or film, an outcry erupted from all corners of the earth: serious photographers and gimmick-loving hipsters alike were devastated.

Pressure to resurrect the format came in numerous forms, from Facebook groups to initiatives such as the Impossible Project-which produces new film for classic Polaroid cameras.

Philipe Roucou has found a very different way to keep hold of the beloved photographs-by making them wearable.

Roucou’s Polaroid-print scarves, which constitute the Objets Trouvés (found objects) collection, are the result of a collaboration with young artist M Chérie.

“We work with Polaroid because most people have memories of it,” says Roucou.

Philipe Roucou accessories is exclusive to 4.

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