Reptile Interactions By Juul Kraijer

Dutch photographer Juul Kraijer’s Penumbrae series documents a bestiary of terrestrial and avian creatures.

Penumbrae, which refers to the astronomical term for the region between light and shadow, focuses on the moments of interaction when snakes, barn owls, and insects nestle into the curves of her model’s body.

The photographer’s critters are sometimes drawn from her surroundings while some of the larger creatures are brought by a trusted and experienced animal trainer; they are all tame and accustomed to new situations and strange people. Still, the artist stresses that her human subject has been brave to endure and to relish some of the experiences they’ve had together.

Since one cannot expect the animals to hold still or assume a particular position, the model becomes the surface on which they play. As the artist describes it, she must slip into a kind of meditative state.

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Juul_Kraijer_06 Juul_Kraijer_07 Juul_Kraijer_12