Rick Owens: ‘Most people take my clothes more seriously than I do’

Rick Owens will be having a 25ft statue of himself suspended over Oxford Street, London throughout September.

Designed by Douglas Jennings, the sculpture will adorn the facade of the retailer Selfridges and further enhances Owens’ prominence within the fashion world.

Modestly, Owens characterises his success as being achieved through repetition and consistency: “you say something long enough and people believe you”. And, surprisingly, he cites Giorgio Armani – whose fashion aesthetic is close to a polar opposite of Owens’s – as someone “I’ve always admired. Because he’s very consistent. Very much about beige, and a kind of hard-edged softness, with a lot of 30s in it – which is a decade I’ve always looked to aesthetically.”

Rick Owens is exclsuive to 4.

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