Rick Owens Presents Cyclops Spring Summer 2016 Collection

Rick Owens payed homage to Leigh Bowery, a clear reference to the late Australian’s birthing outfit, at his Paris runway show last week.

Beginning innocently enough — for a Rick Owens show, at least — with a model in black underwear plainly visible beneath an open sleeveless coat. Then came the first of many models who wore fellow travelers on their backs like knapsacks, trussed to them with padded straps, face up, face down, upside-down or trailing: women bearing women, often in gymnastic contortions.

The Spring Summer 2016 collection, called Cyclops, focused on sisterhood, selflessness, motherhood and unity.

The medium and the message both hit home. Not to mention, backpacks have been enjoying a moment these last few seasons.

Rick Owens is exclusive to 4.

Shop the AW15 collection here.

Read the full post on NY Times.

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