Rick Owens Speaks About His Design Process

Rick Owens has spoken about his design methods, revealing that he has never sketched one of his designs.

“I just work from images of things on a mannequin and I’m looking at proportions and then I print them out and cut them up and re-proportion them and add lines,” Owens explained, adding that while sketches “are pretty” they’re also “too unrealistic.”

Owens said he has never sketched anything because “there’s just something too cliché” about it. “It just seems corny. It’s not a necessary step. It’s just like this fantasy. It’s like collages. I have this thing against making collages of inspirations and stuff. It’s just superficial, it’s not technical. It’s just kind of masturbation. It’s just jacking off. Get a step closer to actually realizing it instead of having some kind of fantasy about it.”

The interview also touches on what it’s like to live with Owens, his current love life with his wife Michèle Lamy, who the designer calls his “Catherine Deneuve,” a French actress who is considered to be Yves Saint Laurent’s muse.

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