Save Our Souls – ‘Temps Perdu’

Swedish design company SOS make harsh, beautiful furniture with a bittersweet aesthetic. They are out to save the world by highlighting big issues such as global warming through their many splendid objects. 4 stock selected items such as the ‘drops’ light which represent a heavy black drop of oil hanging threateningly above. They provide light but also spread the news of darkness yet to come. There’s always an ethical hidden message…

Check out these new pics from Save Our Souls’ latest collection ‘Temps Perdu’. We love these interesting images which showcase the whole collection. Viewed in the right angle, all the pieces spell out TEMPS which translates as ‘Time’ in French.

Temps Perdu’ is currently exhibiting at the Esilshuma Art Museum in Sweden until November 22nd 2009 as part of the ‘remembrance of things past’ exhibition.

Look out next year when we’ll be adding more of their arty items to 4…

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