Siki Im A/W 11 Menswear

Siki Im, in his fourth season since winning the Ecco Domani prize, showed his most polished men’s collection to date last month—by going native.

In his show notes, he spoke of a meditation on tranquility by way of Native American spirituality and Mother Earth.
Adding to the indigenous vibe were fur-covered pigtails and heavy-lidded eye makeup that simultaneously referenced Indian war paint and a 90s Steven Meisel Vogue Italia shoot.

Siki always has fun with headwear and this season was no exception. His models sported wide-brimmed rabbit felt hats he called Apalloosa and Indian, exaggerated gaucho styles borne out of a collaboration with New York milliner Heather Huey.

4 wants you Siki – we are watching…

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