Step Inside The Macabre & Sinister Nightclubs Of 1920’s Paris

Since the dawn of time, man has always been mesmerised with the dark side of nature. The realm of the supernatural, of the unknown, where nefarious and shadowy characters roam has fascinated and terrified society for eons. 

Rewind to Paris in the 1920s and that same obsession with macabre and sinister was starting to gain mainstream appeal. It was during that era that several popular nightclubs mysteriously opened across the city.

Demonic faces and gargoyles decorated the exteriors, whilst all manner of ghouls, zombies and even vampires lurked deep inside waiting to prey on their unsuspecting guests.

Two of the most popular were the Cabaret de l’Enfer (Cabaret of Hell) and the Cabaret du Neant (Cabaret of Nothingness). Just to prove how eerie (yet impressive) there two venues were, here’s a collection of vintage photographs taken during the 20th century.

Would you dare step inside and share a drink with the Devil?

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