Street Art at its Finest: Os Gemeos

The Brazilian duo Otavio and Gustavo known as “Os Gemeos” (The Twins) are hot topic at the moment.

4 spotted their quirky creations and think they ones to watch in the world of urban art…

Octavio and Gustavo first took to street art in the 80’s. They drew inspiration from fashion, break dancing and street tagging. In the 90’s they began to focus and develop an indiviaual style, one which they are most well known for today – bright colors, simple silhouettes with detailed shading and characters with angular eyes set apart.

Otavio explains their art making process: “We plan the visual story before, then draw it on the wall. We each start at one end and we meet in the middle.” This formula is a very intuitive process as their is no talking involved.

 Watch your walls!





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