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Banksy In London After The Simpsons

UK street artist Banksy once again makes his presence felt in London. After recently directing and storyboarding an opening couch gag segment of The Simpsons (reportedly one of the most “closely guarded secrets” in television history), the graffiti images shown below seem to be more ‘normal’ Banksy in action. Read the original blog post here…

Banksy’s North American Tour

Looks like Banksy is enjoying his North American tour with Seattle, Chicago and Detroit being his latest pit stops. His street pieces were also seen in Toronto, Los Angeles and San Francisco, all acting as subtle promotions for Exit Through the Gift Shop. Read the orignal blog post here on PSFK.

‘Miss Bugs’

From Banksy to Miss Bugs… The male and female duo that go by the name ‘Miss Bugs’ are taking the UK by storm with their striking, often psychotic artworks. Hailing from Bristol just like fellow street artist Banksy, the pair have a unique style  “drenched in dark humour and iconography”, creating artworks that seemingly emerge from their backgrounds.…