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Aganovich In Grasse, France

Brooke Taylor and Nana Aganovich from Aganovich took a brief trip to the South of France for a holiday and ended up spending most of their time researching perfumes in Grasse. They discovered an incredible bottle archive at the perfume museum which included a collection from the golden age of the early 20th century. Schiaparelli’s…

Aganovich At Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Nana Aganovich, the Serbien-born designer and Brooke Taylor her life partner and ‘muse’ presented models awash in shades of blue at their first show in Paris earlier this month. Going from robin’s egg to sky blue and navy in a serene collection that was based on a continuing theme of geometrically drawn puzzle pieces that,…

Aganovich In ELLE France

The latest issue of ELLE France features one of our favorite brands, Aganovich. ELLE is showing the faces behind the brand, explaining the story of Nana Aganovich and Brooke Taylor. Aganovich is exclusive to 4. Images via Aganovich.

Nana And Brooke From Aganovich In Shek O, Hong Kong

While many of us are freezing in various cities, Nana and Brooke from Aganovich are enjoying the most idyllic small village sitting on an outcropping in the ocean just off Hong Kong. Thanks for the cute pic guys… Aganovich is exclusive to 4. Read the original blog post here on ASVOF.