The 20 Most Talented By Selfridges, London

Throughout January and February, Selfridges in London will be providing a launch platform for 20 designers identified by Selfridges as the freshest, most inspiring new and exciting talents with the brightest young ideas.
The designers will work with Visual Merchandising team to have a window display of their own and select and exclusive range of their collections will be sold in pop-up shops in-store.

Selfridges considers the following designers (Kei Kagami (exclusive to 4), Christopher Shannon, New Power Studio, Charlie le Mindu, Lee Roach, Martine Rose, Matthew Miller, Sophie Stephens, Little Glass Clementine, Patternity, …) raconteurs in their field and the cultural icons of tomorrow.

Kei Kagami

Sophie Stephens

Christopher Shannon

Kai Kagami is exlusive to 4.

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