Toogood Showroom Visit, Paris

This season we’re very happy to be stocking Toogood at 4.

Faye and Erica Toogood have a very clear idea of what they wish to achieve with their utilitarian, unisex outerwear; their approach places emphasis on individuality, honesty and hard-wearing craftsmanship.

Last week’s visit to their Paris showroom gave us the opportunity to further explore their artisanal, industrialized products.

Toogood are exclusive to 4.

Shop the collection here.

IMG_7676 IMG_7675   toogood_theoilrigger_1IMG_7678erica-and-faye-toogood-coats-manifest-001-beekeeper-whote-7oz-canvas

IMG_7676 IMG_7675   toogood_theoilrigger_1IMG_7678