Ute Ploier, Spring/Summer 2011

Inspired by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas’ affection for daily swims in public baths, Ute Ploier has turned her attention to the ‘Nightswimmer’ for her Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

As Koolhaas expressed, “I swim every day wherever I am. And I always swim in the public baths. I think it is a way of injecting yourself, as naked as you can be, into a particular society and learning to understand it.” In this same fashion, Ploier crafts a collection for her artist.

Pouring his soul into his work, the clothes of Ploier’s artist mirror his need for freedom and movement, even if it comes to using his body directly as part of the art. Provided generous proportions that are both light and gathered in precise places, ‘Nightswimmer’ is enveloped in darkness for a minimalist season of great ease.

The Ute Ploier Spring/Summer 2011 collection will be coming soon to 4.

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