Vetements Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

The mysterious Vetements label held their Autumn Winter 2015 show last week in a louche nightclub — the formerly infamous leather bar Le Dépôt — with Kanye West, in Vetements hoodie, a notable guest.

The collection built on last season’s ideas of oversized, larger than life cuts, with the show notes pointing to a more alternative view of fashion, “skirts you don’t wear… A Trench that is not there. Vetements welcomes you to no man’s land population 1- You. This is not Normcore,”.

Although they are still an unstable group with members rotating occasionally, there is a directional quality to their deconstructivist approach. There is something deeply celebratory at work here, a sincerity in the execution of these comically oversized pieces. But as outlandish as these garments look, they still feel deeply rooted in the reality of clothes: able to be worn, thrown about, recycled into other life moments.

Vetements is exclusive to 4 and will be available in store very soon.

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