Why Fashion Presentations Matter Now

“I am not interested in catwalks at all,” proclaimed Faustine Steinmetz following her much-lauded Spring Summer 2016 London Fashion Week presentation – and she wasn’t the only one making such a statement. In a time where fast fashion is ruling the industry new designers are taking a different approach to their seasonal collections.

A new, thoughtful movement has emerged: the experientially-oriented fashion presentation. Once you remove the runway, you also remove the hierarchical seating arrangements, placing everyone – editors and stylists to bloggers and buyers – on equal footing.

“I think presentations give you the opportunity to present your work in a much more creative way; while catwalk are all about the girl, presentations are all about the clothes and the little world you create around them,” said Faustine Steinmetz.

Young designers are making valiant efforts to create an intimacy – atmospheric presenations enforce a different pace of experience, and a different type of interaction with both the collections and their designers.

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