Yves Hayat Exhibition, 4

Thank you to all that attended the exhibition of works by Egyptian artist Yves Hayat, that showcased his diverse talents and artistic wit over several collections.  It was a great success and due to demand, the show was extended to the end of this week.

Enclosed in Plexiglass boxes, the ‘Icons Are Tired’ are the sleepy faces of celebrities: Dali and Marlene Dietrich, Che Guevara and Marilyn Monroe, Jim Morrison and Mao, Callas and Picasso.

“I admit that I’m less interested in recording reality than in manipulating it to create ‘imaginary’ images. I’m a total visual consumer: I film, download, scan, retouch… directing my own reality. Playing with superpositions, shifts and misappropriations, I confront past and present, beauty and horror, indifference and fanaticism. Questioning the relationships between art / politics / mass media, I try to conceive a critical work in which my attraction for the culture of the media, cinema and advertising shows through. Thanks to modern techniques (Internet, digital processing, printing on plexiglass…), I try to present a report of our time and what our society has generated, transformed and destroyed… I believe that when a work of art is confronting us to our world, it’s purpose is not only to make us question ourselves but also to induce a smile or create unrest… only then does it escape the common place.” – Yves Hayat

Monday May 10th -  Thursday May 13th (10:30am-10:30pm)

For any Yves related enquiries, please contact us at 4 and we will endevour to help.