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‘Hours Remaining’ By Boudicca

We are happy to share the latest creations of 4 favourite designer Boudicca. The full Autumn/Winter 2012 womenswear collection called ‘Hours Remaining’ can be seen on Boudicca’s website. Boudicca is exclusive to 4. Images via ASVOF.

Boudicca A/W 2011

After our recent posts about Boudicca’s  showroom dinner and ‘My name is Claude’ performance, take a look at the designs of the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. Images were taken in the showroom of Boudicca during Paris Fashion week. Boudicca is exclusive to 4. Images via ASVOF.

‘Tonight At Boudicca’ During Paris Fashion Week

Check out the scene in the showroom of 4 favorite Boudicca, an intimate dinner we were happy to attend. These images were taken by ASVOF’s Diane Pernet during Paris Fashion Week and no we are not present. ;-) London based Boudicca is exclusive to 4. The ASVOFF team -Konstantinos Menelaou, Rain Laurent and Seth Dager…

“My Name Is Claude” At The Boudicca Showroom In Paris

The team of 4 is looking forward to Paris Fashion Week and specially to the invitation from our friends at Boudicca. French artist Claude will perform at the showroom of Boudicca on Sunday 6th March. He will perform “My Name is Claude” no less. Boudicca is exclusive to 4. Image via Boudicca.

SS11 Movie By Boudicca

Have a look at the newest video-creation of 4 longtime favourite Boudicca. The video shows one of the new creations of the Spring Summer 2011 collection that will soon be available at 4. This specific dress is truly special and the fabric performs exactly as shown in the piece. Please contact us if you want…

Fashion Reigns at Kensington Palace, London

Great Britain’s having a style moment. 4 favourites Boudicca are just one of the six British designers that have been unleashed on Kensington Palace in London as part of the ‘Enchanted Palace’ exhibition that opened last month. In association with Wildworks, the Palace features Boudicca, Vivienne Westwood, William Tempest, Stephen Jones, Aminaka Wilmont and Echo Morgan…

Boudicca Peek SS10 – by Sonny Vandevelde & Miguel Villalobos

Gather in close and take a peek at Boudicca’s latest  collection  shot at their beautiful Parisian showroom a few weeks back. Exclusive to 4 – Boudicca has a loyal following and we love their singular vision and continuity.  Sharp as ever, don’t prick your finger folks… (Photographed by Sonny Vandevelde and Miguel Villalobos) To view…


BOUDICCA ‘CAKE OFF′ July 2009   4’s Cake of Disturbance Organised by cutting edge fashion label, Boudicca (one of our favorite labels), this fun and friendly ‘cake off’ competition took place in Boudicca’s London studio. Home-made concoctions filled the gigantic table, each in a bid to sway the judges. Worries over what to wear to an…