Practical and sculptural and crafted from hardwearing materials engineered to withstand the changing seasons, Faye & Erica Toogood have built a new collection derived from the workwear of the industrial labourer. Exquisite colour palettes, fine craftsmanship and an elevated sensibility are the hallmarks of the brand.


September 24th 2015

Faye Toogood Presents The Cloakroom, London Design Festival

During this year’s London Design Festival, visitors to the V&A will be transformed into temporary custodians via Faye Toogood’s new installation, The Cloakroom. Situated in Gallery 55 in the British Galleries, a stylised circular rail will dispense a selection of coats specially designed for this installation in Kvadrat’s Highfield, a high tech compressed foam textile.…

April 1st 2015

Faye Toogood Designs Gender-Neutral Retail Space For London’s Selfridges

Selfridges has opened a concept retail space free from gender directives at their London store. Created by designer Faye Toogood, a metal framework and mesh panels mark out linear spaces on two floors of the Oxford Street store for the new Agender initiative – an experiment to provoke conversation about gender targeting in fashion and…

April 15th 2014

4/4 With Erica Toogood

Having established herself as a versatile and dynamic designer of materiality and experimentation, Faye Toogood enlisted the help of her sister, Erica, in launching her fashion label Toogood.Faye has a distinctively singular and sculptural approach towards design and objects and she has applied that to the clothing label which is inspired by workwear and craft.…

March 12th 2014

Toogood Showroom Visit, Paris

This season we’re very happy to be stocking Toogood at 4. Faye and Erica Toogood have a very clear idea of what they wish to achieve with their utilitarian, unisex outerwear; their approach places emphasis on individuality, honesty and hard-wearing craftsmanship. Last week’s visit to their Paris showroom gave us the opportunity to further explore…